Roller Shades - Different Types To Choose From

As a matter of fact, there are 6 mesh fabric or screen categories that could be used on roller shades and related products like retractable doors, panel tracks, roman and vertical shades. They're not the same and having the right information to their differences can help you know which one would be more useful on your part.


Number 1. Solar Screens


These are actually the most industrial among all other options as they're made with durability and energy efficiency in mind. While many manufacturers found a way on how to make these blinds in varieties of colors, they're very function in a way that they're very efficient in reflecting the sun and keep the heat and UV rays out, cut glare while allowing enough amount of light to filter through. Look up solar shades nyc to know more. 


Number 2. Privacy Screens


These are typically made out of fiberglass, polyester, cottons, linens or several other materials. They are also capable of providing similar solar protection than solar screens but, they are lacking of durability of vinyl coating.


Not only that, privacy screens are considered to be software looking and more decorative compared to solar screens but, not that easy to wash or maintain. Most of the time, when nasty stains gets on it, you can't simply remove it without risking of discoloring the shade. There are a great number of privacy screens that have patterns and designs that you wouldn't otherwise find on a solar screen.


Number 3. Blackout Screens


Most of these screens are made from vinyl and providing 99 percent blackout as it's a near impenetrable, closed fabric. The vinyl screens are easy to clean and very durable. Some manufacturers are trying to make the screens to look more decorative by using decorative fabrics similar to linen or suede and back them with vinyl to give it a blackout effect.


Number 4. Woven Wood


Bamboo, Yute and several other materials are then woven in a way that they have thickness and elasticity to work on the roller shades, panel or roman track mechanisms. These are highly decorative and considered as classic but, it's important to take into account that they do suffer the same drawbacks that privacy screens have as they're hard to maintain.


Number 5. Paper Screen


Polyester, cotton weaves or low end acrylic, some even classify it as privacy screen but it most aptly call it as paper blinds due to the texture they have. This screen material is tear, can be punctured and dirtied easily. The benefit however is that, its paper-like material is very easy to print on. You can also check out motorized blinds nyc options online. 


Number 6. Insect Mesh


It provides minimal sun privacy and sun control but, it has exceptional ability of protecting you from insects.

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